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You know that one friend who always looks sensational in whatever she wears?

One such friend, Sarah-Jayne arrived for a visit and glided from beach to bar and on to dinner in a spectacular dress that flowed and flaunted whilst still holding the mystique and magic of femininity. I was mesmerized.


I want people to see the dress, but focus on the women.

Vera Wang

With a background in theatre and fashion I have always loved colours and fabrics and pulling them together to create a dramatic effect. In 2019 I was busy directing this passion into an interior design concept and focusing my attention on helping people create their Airbnb spaces and then Wham bam, 2020 and Covid hit us. Lockdown, curfews, travel restrictions and nobody going anywhere. Nobody spending money on interior design or weekends away, nobody investing on upgrading their spare rooms and cottages for Airbnb.

Frustrated and annoyed I began to reflect on my friend and that lovely dress. Browsing around online (as we all did in that first lockdown) I could find nothing that embodied that mystical magic so I took to my pen and pad and tried to recreate the feeling and flow, adapting and changing as I went along until I had something I could take along to my trusty seamstress.

Susan our dressmaker has 40 years of experience in the fashion industry as a pattern maker/grader and so has a deep understanding of how fabric and shapes work with the body.  She got my drift immediately and the first SJ Maxi Dress was made (named after my friend Sarah-Jayne obviously) In a deep dramatic yolk yellow I wore the dress to the first function I attended after lockdown, a friends birthday party, and by the end of the day I had orders for 4 more.  Look no Sheep was reinvented!

Our dresses are stylish and sophisticated with a touch of daring yet accessible to all.  Each dress is handmade and bespoke or made to order.  I source all the fabric myself and I’m keen to keep the dresses ‘Proudly South African’.

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