Look no Sheep

Meet The Team


Numbers Chick

Astrid says she is a silent partner in the Vic & Vogue business unless you have a questions about numbers/contracts and all things business related and then she has all that info stored in her head and happy to share it.

As well as owning the building that our beautiful boutique resides in she is also Janetta’s next door neighbor and they can often be found talking over the garden fence about their other shared passion – Horses!


HR Director - Officer in Charge of Emotional Support

A founding member of the team, Tommy likes to take the time to make sure each member fits in with the team ethos – to ensure every client feels special, valued, unique and beautiful. He can often be found checking on the technical side of things too as well as quality control.  

He finds sitting on the laps the most effective strategy and the key to his success.


Officer in Charge of Everything Practical

Sister of Astrid and also co owner of Vic & Vogue (and adopted sister to Jay) there is nothing Monique can’t whip up. Bonding over the revamp of the boutique, Janetta & Monique spent many hours dragging wardrobes up and down stairs, painting and chatting. Monique never failed to amaze Jay with her DIY abilities from wallpapering, building shop fittings and making our beautiful upholstered counter from a picture on Pintrest!

Every business needs a practical chick but this ones ours!


Fairy Godmother & Head Seamstress

She simply is every girls Fairy Godmother who makes your dress dreams come true with a flick of her wand, the twinkle in her eye and of course her trusty sewing machines!

With 40 years of experience in the fashion industry, Susan has a deep understanding of how fabric and shapes work with the body and how to make everyone feel fabulous in their outfits.

Janetta & Susan had an immediate connection over their self-confessed addiction to fabric  and can often be found deeply embroiled in discussions about next seasons choices and generally swooning over fabric and counselling each other over the fabrics they ‘didn’t buy.


Little Miss Pawfection (And in Charge of Snuggles)

Dotti is just in charge of everything and everyone, all of the time. Nobody can possibly resist her charms and her favorite spot is in the boutique on the bright pink chair where she can observe and advise on everything.

She can be a distraction though when clients spend all their time snuggling Madam Dotti.


The Muse

Our Muse! Normally found knee deep in shavings, no make-up, hair tied up lunging/riding/teaching and generally dealing with all things horsey. Having known Maretha for years in a horse capacity when Jay casually asked her if she would mind modelling a few outfits little did she know that in front of the camera she would turn into a Goddess!

The ultimate pro, Maretha can switch from Stable Chick to Fashion Model in a nano-second and keep us all amused with her highly infectious sense of humor and raucous laugh.


Conductor – Owner And Founder

Owner and founder of the Look No Sheep Brand and inspiration behind Vic & Vogue…….. and general dogsbody!

Janetta says her job is to pull everyone one together, point them in the right direction much like a conductor (or maybe a sheepdog) and make sure everything happens to create the vision.

As all entrepreneurs, Janetta can be found doing everything from working in the shop, working on the website (and shouting at her computer), working on designs/fabric choices/sourcing, fumbling around trying to understand social media, paying the bills fetching the coffee, working with clients and generally dreaming up the next plan of action.

Her favorite aspect of her job – wearing the designs.


Flagship Store Manager

Grietjie run’s our flagship store in the heart of lovely Montagu but has her sight’s clearly set on Cape Town/London/New York stores for our brand in the not too distant future.

When she is not busy warmly welcoming our clients and taking time to ensure they receive the kind of customer service that we pride ourselves on, then she is busy with our on-line offering and working with our social media experts.

Pop in and say hi to Grietjie next time your passing or to book an appointment to discuss that bespoke outfit for a special occasion.

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